Panalpina World Transport

We have working closely with RIVERCHELLES, who assisted in our recruitment needs for many years. RIVERCHELLES has understood our business and recruitment needs which are essential in our placement needs considering our fast-paced environment and unique requirements. Their consultants have demonstrated to be professional & efficient, and did a good job by going the extra mile to ensure our recruitment needs are fulfilled within the shortest time.

DHL Asia Pacific

I’m very pleased to be working with Riverchelles and her team of highly professional consultants who know the Logistics industry well. This is indeed an excellent partnership.

HR Manager - CMA CGM & ANL Singapore Pte Ltd

The collaboration between CMA CGM & ANL (S) PTE LTD and RIVERCHELLES PTE LTD has lasted more than 4 years and we are pleased to nominate them as our preferred recruitment specialist. As the shipping industry has its own niche requirements, it is always a challenge finding recruitment specialist who are able to fulfil our recruitment needs and provide us with qualified and relevant candidates. Riverchelles proves to be one of the few who can.

Global HR Manager - DyStar Singapore Pte Ltd

I enjoyed working with their Manager, Jumi and her key consultant Michelle. They constantly provide their expertise and do diligently follow-up from the sourcing of candidates till completion of the candidate selection.

Vice President- HR & Admin - ETHOZ Group Ltd

When we embarked on our mission to partner Riverchelles to provide recruitment and search services for ETHOZ, our expectations were extremely high, perhaps unrealistically so. It should be no surprise to you that I am writing to acknowledge and thank you for not only exceeding our expectations, but exceeding them to a degree and in ways we could not have anticipated.

HR Manager – South Asia Manufacturing - GemaltoPte Ltd

Partnering a reliable recruitment vendor is tantamount to having a competent co-worker working alongside us, heightening our work effectiveness and in this case, also very much bolstering Germalto’s quality of human assets. Our sincere thanks for being that reliable recruitment partner whom we regard as our very own ally.

Human Resource - Hilton Singapore

Professionalism, earnest efficiency and competence are evidently displayed by Riverchelles and her team. We are pleased by the positive attitude and exuberance which they serve their clients like us.

HR Manager SEA - John Crane Singapore Pte Ltd

Besides Riverchelles also impresses me with its substantial database of candidates who are of excellent caliber. It is one thing to be able to propose an optimum quantity and quality od candidates, it is another thing to be able to present their profiles professionally, follow through and in essence, serve us well. Riverchelles’ approach couldn’t have been more professional. From how Jumi painstakingly screens candidates, represents our organization’s corporate image and requirements to these candidates, presents their profiles and facilitates arrangement involving interview, reference check all the way until the candidate successfully joins the organisation, she has evidently demonstrated professionalism at every phase.

HR Manager - Manitowoc Crane Group Asia Pte Ltd

Beyond that, they have always made it a point to thoroughly understand and grasp the precise requirements of each new position, facilitating them to more accurately identify potential candidates. They constantly gather feedback from us, fine-tuning their search and proposal of candidates after candidates until they fulfil the positions ultimately. In this regard and many others, we are inclined to acknowledge their thoroughness, persistence and professionalism.

HR Executive& ,Staffing - M + W Group

Reliable Executive Search and Recruitment firms and outstanding consultants are far and few between so all the more I deeply appreciate out working relationship with Riverchelles. While there is a constant shortage of suitable candidates especially for technical roles within the industry, I have no qualms about their competence to propose choice candidates within a short span of time, having consistently achieved that.

HR Manager - MODEC Offshore Production Systems

Having a business partner mindset, such that when we have exceptional or big scale manpower requirement, Riverchelles is available to provide services in Project Base Outsourcing Job, or niche skill headhunting services, When we indicated we have special business needs, Riverchelles would promptly send its team to explore how they could support us. Again, we really appreciate such business partner mindset.

Senior HR Advisor - PerkinElmer Singapore

Evidently, Riverchelleshas been demonstrating utmost professionalism, commitment and integrity. They are pro-active in soliciting feedback from us so that they can aptly fine-tune their search and selection is candidates, displaying their earnest in fulfilling the positions with PerkinElmer.

Regional Corporate Services – HR - Sony Electronics Asia

Partnering with consultants like Riverchelles and her team who are focused, well exposed, knowledgeable, effective and efficient has been a breeze and joy. We are upbeat that this working relationship which has been such a rewarding and pleasant one will go a long way. Recommendation wise, it is a foregone conclusion that we are most inclined to refer Riverchelles to interested parties.

Office Manager - SVITZER Salvage Asia

The Maritime industry which Svitzer belongs to is a highly specialized and niche arena. As a result, executive search firms which are equipped with the expertise to support Svitzer’s recruitment requirements are far and few between. So all the more we are thankful that we have identified Riverchelles, an executive search firm which socializes in Maritime.

Chief Executive Officer - Touton Far East

We have engaged Riverchelles’ Executive Search and Recruitment services for close to a decade. The industry pertaining to commodity trading which Touton belongs to, is a relatively specialized industry. Riverchelles has proven herself to be among the rare few search firms who possesses the necessary industry knowledge and experience to effectively support Touton’s search and recruitment requirements.We have every assurance that Riverchelles would continue to propose highly suitable candidates, having been consistent in achieving that. I think what made it possible for Riverchelles to accomplish that is their intense familiarity with the organizational culture of Touton and their substantial pool of candidates within the industry.

Accounts & Finance Manager - J. Lauritzen Singapore Pte Ltd

Engaging Riverchelles as our preferred recruitment and executive search vendor has been a wise choice. Thank you Riverchelles, for extending such superb services to us.

Regional HR - SDV Asia Pacific

I am very satisfied with the prompt and responsive services provided by Riverchelles, good quality resumes are always forwarded for selection. The consultant has been very detailed and professional in her candidate review. A valuable business partner that SDV appreciates.

HR Manager - Kuehne + Nagel

It has been a great pleasure working with Riverchelles. The consultants understand our requirements and are able to provide prompt services. Thanks for the support and assistance rendered for our recruitment needs.

HR Manager - Delphi Automotive Systems

Riverchelles has demonstrated high level of commitment and professionalism in their services. The team is able to understand our needs well and provide a pool of candidates for our selection. Keep up the good work!

HR Partner, Asia Pacific - Lenovo (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Over the years, I have been partnering Riverchelles for both local and regional placements. I have found Riverchelles team professional, committed and reliable. Riverchelles has always maintained highest level of service and integrity throughout our working relationship.